About Us

We are the answer to all your how’s – We are as excited about your journey as you are – together we will kickstart your journey into a life of health and wellness. We will provide the necessary tools to be able to guide / educate and work with you to enable you to make the necessary lifestyle choices to optimise your health and wellbeing and reduce your overall potential health risks

The holistic approach includes:

1. Individually targeted tests and assessments allowing us to create personalised lifestyle and training programmes – WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU.

2. Continuous lifestyle management and tweaking the programme to maximise the benefit for YOU – ongoing guidance and education

3. Access to our health and wellness lifestyle online emporium which offers a range of niche tailor made products / advise and improvement tracking

Our Mission

Creating a platform which provides the A-Z of health, wellness, fitness and nutrition while allowing people to access and purchase quality products from supplements and vitamins to unique beauty products and fitness apparel and access to tailor-made advice.

The Team

Riaan Van Wyk – The Operations guy

He is a qualified personal trainer with a background in business and operations in the corporate world. His quest to continuously improve his body led him to a journey of trying many different products and training methods. During his quest he found that not all supplements are created equal and each person and sports discipline has different requirements, this led him to study further in personal fitness and nutrition and has given him the expertise to create a brand with balanced nutritional values.
His Motto: Change comes from those who drive it!

Antonia Lazaridis – The visionary

Antonia, coming from a corporate world in customer service has always had a passion for helping. As a working single mom getting fit and eating well was a challenge, needing assistance led to teaming up with Riaan. Being a visionary and combining her passion of customer service she has worked with Riaan in creating a forum to be able to assist everyone achieve their fitness and health goals easily.
Her Motto: “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today.” Jordan Peterson

Cheri Claw – The Marketer

Cheri comes from a family of boxing trainers and has always been a lover of all things fit. Over her adult years while fitness and boxing became passions, so did living a healthy lifestyle both in the body and in the mind. Once a hip hop instructor…now an avid runner, lifter, yogi and of course boxing student …Her passion for fitness and health goes beyond the norm. Industries over her years include beauty, fitness, retail, marketing, social media and more.
Health wellness and fitness are an everyday part of her and her sons life.

Our Vision

To be the leading online platform that assists individuals to achieve physical, mental, social and spiritual well being


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