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The Importance of Exercise after the Age of 35 / 40 to Maintain Muscle Mass in the Later Years

Exercising at any age is very important. Hitting the gym at regular intervals is no longer just for the younger generation, we are seeing more of the older generation between the ages of 35 and 40 in the gym than ever before. They too have been bitten by the fitness bug! In the past, we […]


Spring has officially sprung! That means you can pack away the heaters; abandon the indoor gym equipment and start sweating it out in the sun. Yes – we know how hard it is to exercise without equipment, however, it’s not impossible.  Not a fan of outdoor exercising? Well, we are here to change your mind!  […]

20 Minute Exercises that will Help you Tackle Belly Fat

20 Minute Exercises that will Help you Tackle Belly Fat   There is nothing worse than trying on a pair of jeans, having them fit like a dream and then refusing to button because of your stomach. Nobody likes a muffin top and the reason why one out of five people decide to exercise or […]

Importance of Fitness for Women

It is no secret that young women are becoming a lot more health-conscious today, but unfortunately, there are still some women especially the older generation, who forgo their health for the sake of their families. In recent years, it seems more and more women are getting into fitness. Women are taking their health and fitness […]

Why You Should Include Creatine in Your Exercise Routine

Creatine… a word many gym-goers and avid trainers are familiar with. If you’ve been in the supplements aisle of your local pharmacy, I am sure you have seen it too.  But what exactly is creatine and why do so many bodybuilders and gym fanatics swear by it? Well, according to Healthline[1] “Creatine is a substance […]

Nucleotides: Why are they important?

Like most people you probably wondering what Nucleotides are and how they are important to your physical well-being. Well, according to Selfhacked[1]“nucleotides are organic compounds that are essential in all living organisms. They act as building blocks for DNA and RNA, which contain all of our genetic information. Nucleotides also play a vital role in […]

Group Training- The new fitness trend everybody is raving about.

We all know how challenging sticking to a gym routine can be. For beginners, two weeks of following a gym routine can be challenging. Luckily, many gyms and fitness centers have introduced Group Training. Group training involves any type of exercising such as kickboxing, equipment training, lifting or cardio done with other people who want […]

The effects sleep deprivation can have on your physical and mental well-being

Sleep plays an important role in our physical and mental health.  Our bodies and brains are constantly working, whether we are at our demanding jobs or simply just sitting on the couch watching our favourite show. Sleep is almost like the power down button for our body’s and brains, a chance to reset and allow […]


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