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It is no secret that young women are becoming a lot more health-conscious today, but unfortunately, there are still some women especially the older generation, who forgo their health for the sake of their families. In recent years, it seems more and more women are getting into fitness. Women are taking their health and fitness very seriously and are now paying closer attention to what they put in their bodies. “Health-conscious” is the new craze.[1]

We have seen a trend of fitness bunnies emerging on social media, motivating other women to stay active and take pride in their appearance. As information becomes available about the benefits of exercise and the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, women are paying close attention and doing something about it. They are making fitness a higher priority in their lives [1]– and this does not only apply to young women, we are seeing more and more women in their late 50’s taking up cross fit, boxing or a regular gym routine as they realize that good exercise and a diet plan can help keep many health issues at bay and even help reverse health problems[2]. That is why we must look at the importance and key benefits of fitness for women in the 21st century.

While it may seem worthwhile in the short run for some women to only spend your responsibilities, energy and care giving tendencies for your family and kids, it so important for women to look after themselves. Being fit does not only mean trying to achieve a size zero body but more importantly reach that level of optimum health that will allow you to function to the best of your abilities. A regular exercise routine will help you strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles and also give you peace of mind. With so many health problems that women can be prone to like hormonal imbalances, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, water retention, etc [3]…fitness for women is extremely important.

Health and fitness clubs today offer not only the basic weight training apparatus and cardio workout machines, but also offer numerous group classes that cater to all fitness levels. Many women often get bored with the same treadmill and hand weights routine and it need not be so; there are various other forms of exercise to fit into your fitness schedule like yoga, group aerobics, spinning, dance cardio, core strengthening exercises and more.[4] Women in fitness such as Nkateko Diniwidy also known as Takkies, have found fun and engaging ways to get women into fitness, helping them achieve their body goals through dancing- strictly in heels might we add, so you know your glutes and carves are likely to get a proper workout. The fun part about Takkies ‘Rocking ’n Heels’ classes is that not only do you feel sexy while working out, you learning a few new dance moves, making new friends, getting a proper workout and it can be a fun class to take with a group of friends. Another fitness warrior we believe deserves a mention is Mapule Ndhlovu, better known as Queenfitnass. Her work in health and wellness is remarkable. She transforms people’s lives daily, by encouraging them to work on their body goals. She offers fitness tips and exercise routines on her Instagram page and just recently went on to be part of the Shield FitSquad, an opportunity that doesn’t come often. These fitness warriors are raising the flag high for women everywhere.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t too, the path toward fitness for women encompasses a wide range of benefits that will enhance your life, physically, mentally and emotionally as well. The best way to get healthy of course is exercise and with numerous well-equipped gyms in almost every city in South Africa, getting in some exercise in your daily routine is not too far out of reach [5].

So in the spirit of Women’s Month, we suggest you sign up for a Zumba or cardio class at your local gym, who knows you, might be the next QueenFitnass or Takkies, it all starts with you.

With that said, we at Divine Ratio would like to wish all the amazing and strong women a Happy Women’s Month.



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