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Like most people you probably wondering what Nucleotides are and how they are important to your physical well-being. Well, according to Selfhacked[1]“nucleotides are organic compounds that are essential in all living organisms. They act as building blocks for DNA and RNA, which contain all of our genetic information. Nucleotides also play a vital role in your metabolism and energy. They transport energy in the form of ATP to power different parts of the cell. This energy is used to create new proteins, cells, and other vital components”. There are many ways in which we obtain nucleotides; the main source is from our own bodies. You probably wondering how, well let us explain. Selfhacked stipulates that[2] “the human body naturally produces nucleotides by either creating them from scratch or salvaging parts from cells. Another way in which we get nucleotides is through the food that we eat. Food is an important source of Nucleotides. Nucleotides can be found in meat and fruit. Foods that have high cell density such as meats, fish, and seeds contain the highest nucleotide levels. Although we receive most of the nucleotides we need from our body and diet”.  Nucleotides serve unique physiological functions in the body. Foremost, they serve as precursors of nucleic acids—monomeric units of DNA and RNA that play key roles in the storage and transfer of genetic information, cell division, and protein synthesis. Nucleotides also play a role in the regulation of cellular energy and protein homeostasis to facilitate repair, recovery, and repletion of tissue function.[3]

At Divine Ratio we know the importance of Nucleotides and how they can assist in turning our fuel into energy. That is why we have developed a product call Nutri-Tide that specifically caters to this[4]. Sometimes when exercising or training, we may find that our body or muscles may take a while to recover or that we do not have a high endurance for high-intensity training or intense cardio exercises. Luckily, at Divine Ratio we know that nucleotides are able to assist with this process, nucleotides improve the absorption of your food by 15%, and this, in turn, helps speed up the movement of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals into our muscles. It does this by keeping your gut flora well maintained and repairing the villi in the small intestine. This gives the intestines a greater area of absorption, leading to the body being better supplied with nutrients. This, in turn, assists in recovery, endurance, and your body’s immune system.[5]

“Research is finding that certain people may benefit from Nucleotide supplements such as Nutri-Tide. Although we may get all the nucleotides we need from our bodies and the food we eat, we sometimes need additional nucleotides when our bodies are stressed, possibly from infection, intensive exercises, injury, or during rapid growth. Some of the benefits of taking Nucleotide supplements include improving the immune system; reducing stress from response exercise and liver repair”.[6] Nucleotides provide essential components that the body needs to build new cells. It may come as no surprise that nucleotides can potentially promote growth as well. The brain is another area in the body that requires a healthy supply of nucleotides. Based on one study, dietary nucleotides may help the brain by improving memory. [7]

Let us look at the benefits for each point mentioned above.

Improving the Immune System. Some cells in the immune system live for only 1-3 days, meaning new cells need to be constantly created. Nucleotides can provide ready-to-use parts, saving the body time and energy.[8]

Reducing Stress from Responses Exercise: It is obvious that exercise has wonderful benefits for our bodies. However, exercise also causes a stress response that can suppress our immune system One study of 20 people found that nucleotides reduce cortisol levels after heavy resistance exercise. Cortisol is a hormone that the body releases in times of stress. [9]

Liver Repair: Our liver performs a variety of key functions including detoxification and metabolism. In fact, the liver is responsible for creating and breaking down the sugars, fats, and proteins in our body. Nucleotides, which also play a role metabolism, are very active in the liver.[10]

Inflammation. Nucleotides have also demonstrated strong anti-inflammatory capabilities. The potential for nucleotides to reverse the oxidative stress secondary to inflammation and immunosuppressant also exists. Infusions of adenosine and ATP have demonstrated potent vasodilatation in the treatment of hemorrhagic shock, tissue ischemia, and pulmonary hypertension.[11]

Resistance to infection. The absence of nucleotides decreases resistance to bacterial and fungal infections. Surgical stress or episodes of infection following injury and trauma demonstrate an increased demand for nucleotides to facilitate the synthetic capability of immune cells, for tissue repair, and to maintain organ function.[12]

Growth and development. Exogenous sources of nucleotides provide benefit to enterocyte function during normal periods of growth and development characterized by rapid cell proliferation and high demand for DNA and RNA synthesis.[13]

Recovery after injury. Intestinal cell turnover is increased in periods of GI repair after injury or malnutrition. Nucleotide and nucleoside deprivation resulted in poor growth and development, abnormal nerve distribution, and degeneration of muscle layer structure.[14]

So why don’t you do yourself a favour and grab a bottle of our Nutri-Tride and give your body the boost it needs to perform at its peak? Simply follow the link to learn more and order yours!









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