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Divine Balanced Shake Male Toning – Has been developed to assist men want to loose weight and tone muscle.

The added Tribulus Terrestris aids in natural testosterone production, raising testosterone levels increases metabolize, burns belly fat and aids in building muscle.

Creatine and BCAA is added to fuel and repair muscle fibers.


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“An individual’s energy requirement is the amount of energy required to balance energy expenditure in order to maintain body size, body composition, and a level of physical activity consistent with good health.” (WHO, 2001)

Considering our demanding schedules it is not always easy to consume the correct amount of energy to help sustain the body, whilst achieving personal fitness goals.

Athletes should eat 5-6 times per day, regardless of whether their goal is weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance. Altering body weight comes from changes in food choices and portion sizes, but fuelling frequency should not change if top performance is the main priority.

It is with this in mind that Divine Balance shake has been designed to not just be a protein shake but rather a meal replacement. It also takes into account that no one person is the same and we all have different needs. Balanced shakes have the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fibre to replace a meal on the go. Balanced shakes are ideal for a pre and after training meal to ensure your muscles do not go catabolic and that you retain solid muscle mass.

Male and female athletes have different needs and for this reason, the shakes have been designed to cater for these unique requirements

The shakes are formulated to cater for a person of 70kg that needs to eat 5 meals a day.  Serving sizes can be adjusted according to your body weight.

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Milky Chocolate, Delicious Hazelnut, Creamy Vanilla


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Male Toning
Nutritional Value  per 50g %NVR
Total Fat 2.11g Vitamin A 0
    Saturated Fat 0,014g Vitamin D 0
Cholesterol 0 Iron 6.99
Sodium 7.83g Calcium 0.42
Total Carbohydrates 15.55g Magnesium 0.28
Dietary Fiber 1.39g Phosphorous 0.14
Sugar 1.90g Copper 0.42
Protein 22.34g Iodine 5.18
Potassium 0.14g Calories 174.3
Ingredients: Pea Protein, Tribulus Terrestris, BCAA 2:1:1, Fibersol,  Creatine, Artificial Colorant, Artificial flavoring, Sucralose.

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